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The Diabetes Club Story

Your doctor calls you in to his office and says, “I’m sorry to say you 
have diabetes.”

Your heart starts to pound. Your mouth goes dry. Your mind races. 
How could this happen, I thought only “other people” get diabetes? 
Alright, I know I’ve gone a little heavy on the sweets and soda, but 
diabetes?  Come on, my daughter’s getting married in two months. Are 
you kidding me?

Welcome to the diabetes club. You’re the 22,560,274th. member in the 
U.S., and 24 million pre-diabetics are right behind you.  Your life is 
about to change. Forever.

If you get on this runaway freight train called traditional diabetes 
treatment in America, you can look forward to pharmaceutical drugs, 
insulin shots, loss of vision, numbing in feet and hands, loss of 
kidney function, lack of energy and libido, loss of limbs… well, the 
rest of the list does not get any better.

But you don’t have to get on this train, and if you’re already on it, 
you can get off.  Diabetes doesn’t have to end like that.  This 
freight train can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed if you know 
what to do and have the dedication to do it.

Hello.  I’m Ken Hampshire, product formulator for DiaMetrix.  I’d like 
to tell you about this remarkable product, but before I do, let me 
speak to a critically important issue.

I have worked within the diabetes (type 2) field for over 10 years, 
primarily as a researcher and product formulator.  Perhaps the most 
striking realization I have reached over that time is the near-total 
lack of knowledge about type 2 diabetes among those who have it.

This ignorance seems to sweep across a broad spectrum of topics, 
including proper diet, weight loss and nature of the disorder. But it 
is the psychological mindset that lies behind this ignorance that I 
find most disturbing.

Our whole approach to diabetes is wrong.  We don't routinely test for 
indicators to allow for early intervention efforts.  We don't 
adequately discuss preventative lifestyle changes that would slow, 
stop, or even reverse the direction of type 2 diabetes.  We rely on 
pharmaceutical drugs that are only slightly effective and carry 
dangerous side effects that should limit their use to only the most critical cases.

Diabetes Should NOT be Labeled a Disease

We label type 2 diabetes a disease when it should more accurately be 
called a disorder.  This is a small but important distinction.  Most 
people understand the definition of disease, and indeed part of the 
official definition is, a condition caused by an invading 
microbiological agent.  None of us would hold anyone at fault who is 
suffering from typhus or small pox.

But diabetes is different.  It isn't contagious.  You don't "catch" 
diabetes from your neighbor walking down the sidewalk.  Diabetes is 
nearly 100% caused by those who have it.  If you have diabetes, it is 
your fault.

If we allow ourselves to be convinced that diabetes is not our fault, 
we lose the only real weapon we have to combat it.  Calling diabetes a 
disease, excuses personal responsibility to change lifestyle, and 
leaves the person who has it without the most valuable asset he/she 
has in fighting it–themselves.  And improper lifestyle is what got us 
here in the first place.

What we do know is this, diabetes is nearly 100% man-made.  There's a 
small genetic component, but most of what diabetes is, we do to 
ourselves.  Diabetes is a breakdown in proper lifestyle – insufficient 
activity and exercise, and improper diet.   Diabetes is a disorder of 
nutrition, and the science of nutrition is the only thing that will 
treat and cure it ultimately.  If you ignore a proper diet, you will 
travel the same path that millions of other diabetics in this country 
travel – one of gradually worsening diabetic symptoms, systemic nerve 
damage, tingling in the feet and loss of feeling leading to the loss 
of toes, feet, fingers, and limbs, liver damage, and kidney failure.

Diabetes is like a runaway freight train.  It doesn't slow down or 
stop.  We know where it starts, travels, and ends.  And it always ends 
in the same place.  It crashes and burns and you become another 
diabetic statistic.

Diabetes is progressive and cumulative.  It doesn't wait or slow 
down.  It doesn't take a vacation.  It doesn't give you a few days to 
rest or recover.  No.  It attacks every part of your body without 
letting up,,,ever.

In the movie Terminator, this dialogue occurs as Sarah bites Kyle's 

Kyle Reese: Cyborgs don't feel pain. I do. Don't do that again.

Sarah Connor: Just let me go!

Kyle Reese: Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It 
can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel 
pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, 
until you are dead.

That's what diabetes is, a terminator.

Unless you make some drastic changes in how you live, diabetes will 
take you out.  If you don't get off the diabetic freight train right 
now, you never will.  Diabetes is progressive, it will be harder 
tomorrow to make these changes, and harder the day after that.  Get it 
through your head.  You are in the fight for your life.

Diabetes is much more a psychological battle than a physiological 
one.  If it were only the physical challenges that were important, we 
would have diabetes licked tomorrow morning, but its the mental 
challenges that are the hard ones.  Will you decide to stand up, fight 
against the hoards of doomed people getting on the diabetic freight 
train, and say, "I've had enough of this and I'm getting off this 

Getting over diabetes is as simple as making a decision in your mind. 
Make the decision.  It happens in the snap of the fingers.  Decide 
you've had enough and make the decision.  There is no middle ground in 
the battle, either you win or you lose.  You don't "try" to improve 
your diet.  YOU'VE GOT NO CHOICE!  Change how you live or die.  It’s 
that simple.

You may think you're the only one who these diabetic drugs aren't 
working for.  You're thinking, "If I could just get the dosage right 
or the right combination of drugs, then my blood glucose would be 
normal.  Well, you're wrong.  These drugs don't work for anybody. 
Their own research shows that.  There's no magic pill.  Diabetes is 
your fault.  The sooner you understand that, the better your chance of 

I'm not here to simply be the deliverer of bad news, or to tell you 
how to live your life.  I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Reader: interrupting... “but my doctor tells me diabetes isn't my 
fault and if he can just get the drugs right I'll be fine.”

Me: “Okay, so you really believe that you can continue to be 50 lbs. 
overweight and eat whatever you want to and your doctor will somehow 
make it all better.  Well, I got news for you.  You can't, and if 
that's what your doctor said, he's completely wrong.

This isn't about your doctor, its about you.  Its about taking 
responsibility for your own health.  When are you going to have 
enough?  Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired yet?

Let me understand this, you think you're eating right or close to it, 
you think your doctor will get your prescription right, or the right 
combination of prescriptions, and you'll be fine, won't have to change 
anything substantial in your life.

Ever see the Dr. Phil show?  I'll ask you what Dr. Phil asks his 
guests when they are living in “lala” land, "How's that been working for you?"

You've gotta decide to take responsibility for your health right now or you will likely die of diabetes.  You got kids?  You got grandkids?  You wanna see 'em grow up?”

Customer:  “Yes, Yes, Yes....”

Me: “Well, then get the job done.  Nobody else will.  Do you think 
your doctor really cares if you die before your grandson learns to 
walk?  If he did, we wouldn't be having this conversation?  No, this 
is your choice.

Do you remember Star Wars when Yoda is teaching Luke about the 
force?  Luke is trying to use the force to lift his ship out of the 
swamp but he can't do it.  You remember?  Do you remember what he 
said?  After the ship sinks back into the swamp, he says, "We'll never 
get it out now."  And then...

Yoda: So certain are you?  Always with you it cannot be done.  Do you 
nothing that I say?

Luke:  Master, moving stones around is one thing, but this is totally 

Yoda:  NO!  No different.  Only different in your mind.  You must 
unlearn what you have learned.

Luke:  Alright.  I'll give it a try.

Yoda:  No.  Try not.  Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.”

The same here.  Don't tell me you will try to lose weight or change 
what you eat.  Do or don't do.  The choice is yours.

Your Body, A Miracle Machine

The healthy human body has a wondrous system to regulate blood glucose 
within closely defined boundaries.  Those boundaries are generally 
accepted to be between 65 mg/dL and 95 mg/dL.  If the blood glucose 
rises over those levels, the body signals for the production of 
insulin to pull glucose out of the bloodstream to be stored, or to be 
transported to the cells for proper glucose metabolization.  If blood 
glucose falls below these levels, the body signals for the production 
of glucagon which triggers release of glucose from the liver back into 
the bloodstream.  It is a wonderfully simple yet complex system of two 
diametrically opposed hormones (insulin and glucagon) working together 
to achieve this balance.

Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with how the body normally operates. 
In the case of diabetes, some pharmaceutical drugs change how the 
liver metabolizes or releases glucose, others change how much insulin 
the pancreas produces, etc.  Before taking diabetic drugs, most people 
with chronic type 2 diabetes have one problem: keeping blood glucose 
levels from rising above normal.  Their glucagon response mechanism 
for keeping their blood glucose from dropping too low is intact, so 
hypoglycemic episodes happen rarely if ever.  But once diabetic drugs 
are taken, people with type 2 diabetes have two problems: keeping  
their blood glucose levels from rising too high, and now also from 
falling too low!  It would be one thing if pharmaceutical drugs 
actually worked and kept blood glucose from rising too high, but for 
most people they don't.  So, one problem is traded for two, in 
addition to serious side effects.

Obesity, the Western “Curse”

My wife and I just returned from 10 days in Russia.  Remarkable place, 
remarkable people.  One of the first things we noticed when we stepped 
onto a busy street in Moscow was that there were practically no obese 
people!  The difference between Russians and the Americans could not 
be more stark.  Russians are generally a fit people and we found out 
why later that day.

On our first foray into a restaurant in Moscow, we found that nearly 
everyone ate vast quantities of vegetables.  Even the young people 
were loading up on salads of all types, both raw and cooked.  The 
result: healthy, attractive young people all over the city!

Real Food, The Real Answer

Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have designed our bodies 
to run on real food.  Real food isn’t what most people buy in the 
typical grocery store.  An old nutritionist I worked with years ago 
said to me, “Real food is what grows on a vine, bush, tree, 
underground, or four legs.”  That’s a pretty good definition.  You can 
also think of real food as anything around the outside of the grocery 

Some Common Sense Dietary Guidelines

Here are some dietary restrictions/suggestions for people with type 2 
diabetes (and everyone else for that matter).  They are what I call 
the “Deadly 4.”  The first three are the most likely culprits if you 
have elevated blood glucose levels.

1.  Eliminate soda, diet or otherwise.  For the rest of your life.

2.  No simple sugars: candy, cakes, pie, ice cream, etc.  No fruit 
juices.  No honey, maple syrup, molasses.  For the rest of your life.

3.  No white, or refined flour or anything made of it.  Ever.  For the 
rest of your life.  This includes many breads and cereals, most pasta, 
and literally all pastry.  When eating grain products, it must be 
severely limited in quantity and only whole grain.

4.  No deep-fried or fried food.  Ever.

Other Healthful Suggestions

Limit whole fruits (no more than 1 small servings/day) until your body 
regains the ability to properly process carbohydrates.  Eliminate milk 
(it's totally worthless as a human food).  Use diluted rice, almond, 
or hemp milk instead.  Severely limit grain-based foods (especially 
bread and cereal) and make it only whole grain.  Grains are 
concentrated carbohydrates.  Focus on whole vegetables, more raw the 
better.  Include adequate proteins every day (eggs, fish, chicken, 
beef-best if grass fed).  Don't forget whole beans of all types.  Add 
flax meal or oil to your diet every day.  Move toward eating no more 
than 3 meals/day, no snacks between meals, with the last meal of the 
day no closer than 4 hrs. to bedtime (5 hrs. if a big meal).

I’ve shared a lot of information.  It’s not sugar-coated.  It’s raw 
and upsetting.  I know that.  Almost everyone reading this will find 
some thought provoking information here.  Most will consider making 
some changes in their lifestyle.  Many will make some small changes. 
Some will make significant changes.  A few will do what is necessary 
to live a health life.  But most will not…

DiaMetrix, A Lifeline

Look, I’ve formulated and sold dietary supplements for most of my life
and I know that most people will never do what they need to do to 
really make a big difference in their health.  I know they should, I 
wish the could, but when they don’t, are they to be condemned to the 
diabetic freight train?  Of course not.  That’s were DiaMetrix comes 
in.  DiaMetrix can serve as a lifeline, buying you the time you need 
to begin making the changes you need to make.

DiaMetrix has a remarkable story…

In 1999, I began working with Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, author of The 
Diabetes Cure.  Our goal was to create a “total body” health product. 
Not just another "miracle" vitamin or drink supplement but a product 
that would really work.  We created the formulation that would later 
be used in DiaMetrix.

I knew other diabetes products often contain ingredients like ginko 
biloba, Co-Q10, bilberry, proanthocyanidans or other antioxidants. Now 
there's nothing wrong with these ingredients.  In fact, most of them 
will offer some real relief for the neuropathy associated with 
diabetes.  But none of these ingredients have been shown to increase 
the body's sensitivity to insulin.  I wanted this product to lower 
blood sugar levels, designing DiaMetrix as the only diabetes product 
specifically formulated to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.

Sales of the product began in late ’99 and continued for some 3 years 
until Dr. Cherewatenko turned his attention elsewhere

In late 2006, we commissioned a preliminary, 17-person, fructosamine 
study (Grossman, MD) to put some numbers to all the testimonials 
pouring in. While the study was too small to be of any commercial use, 
the results of the study were positive.  This convinced us to take the 
biggest gamble of our lives–diverting our small company’s entire 
marketing budget for 2007 to fund a larger Phase 1, Randomized, Double-
Blind, Placebo Controlled, Human Clinical Trial.  If successful, we 
would have a safe and effective clinically-tested product ready for 
worldwide marketing. If not, we would be crippled, left without a 
proven product or a marketing budget.

The trial began in June of 2007 and was designed to examine how well 
our product works with the body to produce healthy blood sugar levels 
by measuring response in a glucose challenge test, A1c, and other 
biological markers.  Secondarily, it examined how well the product 
works with the body to produce healthy triglyceride, cholesterol, and 
blood pressure levels.

The trial concluded in September of 2007 and the results were both 
positive and profound.  During the 90-day trial period, A1c levels 
among active participants dropped over 3 percent, fasting glucose 
levels by over 105 pts., triglycerides by over 20%, LDL cholesterol by 
over 34%, and total cholesterol by over 29%!  No other product in this 
category, pharmaceutical or natural, has been shown to be even one 
half as effective as our study results showed.

Marketing Industry Veterans

When Steelbreeze Marketing, LLC of Portsmouth New Hampshire, 
discovered the work we had done with our diabetes product, they 
started negotiating a marketing agreement with us immediately and I 
knew they were serious.  Their agreement and their new private label 
product, DiaMetrix were completed in short order.

Steelbreeze Marketing had a deep understanding of what products were 
available and their shortcomings. “When we read the clinical study we 
were absolutely astounded and grateful that they left no stone 
unturned” said James Parker of Steelbreeze.  Mr. Parker said “We were 
very aware of the costs associated with a gold standard, randomized, 
double blind study.  The insights brought to us by these studies have 
been invaluable.  It's a wonderful form of unbiased valuation.”

“We are please to be working with Ken and his team. We are looking to 
extend the reach of this dynamic blood sugar reducing product to the 
over 200 million diabetics worldwide in the next five years.”

Many companies rely on slick marketing and unsubstantiated product 
claims.  It is cheaper and they know in most cases the FTC (Federal 
Trade Commission) will not challenge their false claims until they've 
sold a substantial amount of product.  We have all heard it said 
before, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Steelbreeze took 
a very different approach.

Armed with the clinical trial, Steelbreeze allows the results to speak 
for themselves. The DiaMetrix formula and the trial results were 
introduced to over 6,000 health care practitioners attending a 
national medical conference. The response was amazing. Doctors are 
now the fastest growing segment recommending and using the DiaMetrix 
formula.  Once again, numbers don't lie. The trial results are 
changing the way people approach their quest for optimal blood sugar 

Property of Steelbreeze Marketing, LLC 2009

DiaMetrix Clinical Study for Blood Sugar Support

Important words from our formulator. Click here for audio.

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