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DiaMetrix Blood Sugar Support Landmark Clinical Study Results
Ask yourself this question. Is the product I'm about to put
into my body supported by a double-blind clinical trial?

Many people take alternative natural products on faith. They want to believe if it's natural it will be effective. That is not always true.

Most believe that it's possible to know if a natural approach works by simply trying it. The insights of a double-blind study cut through someone's wishful thinking and idealism & make them a hard-nosed skeptic. What you should be asking is "Show me the double-blind study & I'll pay attention"

What is a Double-Blind Study?

In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, some of the participants are given the product being tested, others are given a fake product (placebo) and neither the researchers nor the participants know which is which until the study ends (they are thus both “blind”). The assignment of participants to treatment or placebo is done randomly, perhaps by flipping a coin (hence “randomized”).

Why Double-Blind Studies?

For most types of products, only a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study can properly answer the question: “Is the product effective or not?” To explain this, we will work backwards and illustrate the problem that could occur if we attempt to answer this question in any other way.

Common sense tells us that we can determine if a product works by simply trying it. Does it help me? Does it help my friends? If so, it’s effective. If not, it does not work. Right? Unfortunately, no, that’s not always right. Medical conditions are an area of life in which direct, common sense observations are not always reliable. The findings obtained by double-blind studies are invaluable. They are the only form of unbiased evaluations we can trust.

The understanding that products must be grounded in double-blind studies is called the “evidence-based” movement and it is the same movement that must become the norm in alternative medicine. According to the evidence-based approach, if a product has not been properly studied, it should not be advocated as effective.

The DiaMetrix Story

In early 2006, the positive results of a small preliminary trial convinced the creators of the formula to invest in a larger 100 person, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, human clinical study.

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The study was designed primarily to examine how well DiaMetrix works with the body to promote healthy blood glucose by measuring response in a glucose challenge test, A1c and other biological markers.

Secondarily, the study examined how well DiaMetrix works with the body to promote healthy triglyceride, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The study began in June 2007 and concluded in September 2007.

The study also measured 14, 30, 60, and 90 day fasting blood glucose levels. The 90 day reading supplied A1c levels that were compared to those taken at the start of the study. We invite you to review the complete DiaMetrix clinical trial report.





Human Clinical Trail for DiaMetrix Blood Sugar Support
DiaMetrix® Clinical Study is a PDF File

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